FAQ: I drive for work, how does the speed map help me?

Use the Fastah 4G map to see mobile internet speed around you. We focus on network latency and network congestion, two technical parameters that most affect your smartphone’s internet “lag”.

Network lag influences your reachability from Uber’s, Grab’s and Lyft’s servers.

  • On the map, use the colored regions around your location to find fast internet zones, that are safe to park in or work from.

  • Use the search feature to find any location before your travel to that area - a cafe, a park, airport, train station, malls to see the best internet spots

  • If you work with partner apps from Uber, Lyft, Grab, Gojek, Ola, etc and frequently wait for the next order to serve, you may be able to improve your online availability by moving to green color zones, as well monitoring the bottom internet monitor card.

  • Avoid the red-colored zones for idling in, or working out of - as they are prone to network congestion and hence high “lag”.
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